Android One | Introduction


Android One is a standard created by Google for Android systems, mainly targeted at people buying their first smartphone,[1] and customers in thedeveloping world. Android One smartphones will run software close to stock Android, without the often extensive vendor-specific modifications that many smartphone vendors apply. Security updates will be handled by Google, avoiding problems some earlier phones have had with lacking security updates.[2] Google also makes a reference hardware design available for Android One, meaning that OEMs just have to manufacture the phone.[3] The first set of Android One devices features MediaTek‘s quad-core MT6582Mobile System-on-Chip (Mobile SoC).[4]

Android One phones will initially roll out in India, Nepal, Indonesia, thePhilippines,Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries in 2014.[5] The first Android One smartphones were by the Indian brands Micromax, Spice andKarbonn in September 2014, and other manufacturers are going to follow gradually.

Various news articles mention that the Android One standard also dictates minimum hardware requirements,[6][7] but the actual list of minimum requirements doesn’t seem to have been made available on the Internet.





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