About GeekSagar


Hem Sagar Pokhrel (geeksagar) is a teacher in the Computer Science & IT Department (with a concentration in CS Fundamentals, Web Programming and E-Commerce) at Prime College, Kathmandu Nepal. In parallel, he is working as Freelance Web/Software developer since 2013. Beside these, he is also an Information Technology trainer, part time blogger and a novice researcher. He believes in “Sharing is Caring”. He had conducted some workshops including the topics Web development, Blogging, Social Media, E-Commerce, Windows Application Development, and Professional Presentation etc. He possess his keen interest in Data Science and Business Intelligence.

Sagar is also an event manager of “ICT Meetup 2013: Academia-Industry Collaboration”, “Microsoft Student Partner 2013”, and “PrestaShop Ambassador”. He is also an initiator of 2015 youth campaign, “We For Constitution” which was primarily focused on pressurizing political parties as well as all the concerned bodies to promulgate constitution of Nepal on the slated time.

Contact Details

Mobile Number: + 977 –  9843410129
E-mail : geeksagar@live.com, friendly.sagar123@gmail.com
Address: Kathmandu, Nepal

Stay Connected

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/geeksagar
Twitter : @NepaliSagar

Facebook : GeekSagar
Youtube : Sagar Pokhrel
Other : InternetSurfing

If you have any questions then please fill the form below and keep checking your email for solutions. Thank you !!!



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